Deadpool: Into The Deadpoolvers

Every now and again we get a random film that nobody was expecting that just comes and does really well (maybe) and we all go. WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT! This year it looks like there could be two films up for the prize of what I am calling “The Heck Film”.
Deadpool: Once Upon a Deadpool & Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Both films you probably never heard of until a few months ago and both you still probably have no idea what they will be about. So what the heck, see what I did there, are they about?
Deadpool: Once Upon a Deadpool
Did you see Deadpool 2? Well if you did then don’t bother with Once Upon a Deadpool. This new Deadpool film is the second instalment of the franchise re-cut to have a lower rating so kids can now go see they’re favourite swearing bad-ass not swearing and probably being a little bad-ass. The worst thing about this film is that you know no kids are going to be seeing this film. Most of the seats in the cinema will be taken up by creepy nerds who are still laughing at Green Lantern jokes. Okay, some are funny but come on! One selling point of this movie is that it’s actually the story of Deadpool re-telling the story of Deadpool 2 to Fred Savage who you will better know as that kid from The Princess Brid.
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
This film has some more thought than just “let’s make some more money”. It follows the story of new Spider-Man , Miles Morales as he becomes the Spider-Man . Alongside this, he also comes into contact with everyone’s favourite friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man , Peter Parker. The film also features characters such as Gwen Stacy, Spider-Ham and Spider-Man Noir played by Nicholas Cage, yep Nicholas Cage. I won’t go into spoilers as it’s not out everywhere yet so maybe we will come back to that in the near future.
It’s fair to say that all movies are made just to bring in some money and with Deadpool 2 bringing in just over 700 million USD worldwide, it’s no surprise that they want to see how much more money they can make with lower audiences.
What other movies would you class as a “The Heck Film”? Let me know in the comments below

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