Watching the trailer for the fourth Avengers movie, Avengers: Endgame, shows us the starting hero of his cinematic universe, Tony Stark trapped on Peter Quill’s ship running out of oxygen slowly waiting to die. Now, it’s very unlikely that the start of this film is the death of Tony Stark as well, that would be surprising. So how the heck is he going to get himself out of this one. Let’s go through some options.

Pepper Potts

In a number of comics, Pepper Potts has suited up in the Iron Man suit before as well as in Iron Man 3. But did you know that she also owns her own suit under the name Rescue? A purple version of the suit. This leaked image does show Pepper Potts to be in well, a purple Iron Man suit. Now, this might just be a huge coincidence but I would like to doubt that. It also seems like he’s not alone on this ship and is actually hanging out with Star Lords dead girlfriend evil sister, Nebular

Captain Marvel

Is it just me who says Captain Marvel in the style of that old TV show, Captain Scarlet? Okay moving on. Captain Marvel could swing by the ship and save Tony and Nebular on her way back to Earth after being called upon by Nick Furry at the end of the last movie.

Others Who Can Get To The Milano

There are others who could get their hands on a way to get to The Milano such as James Gunn’s brother and other members of The Revengers.


Thor now has that magic, not hammer thing that he used in that Last movie remember. He can go anywhere he damn likes in the universe with it so why not go save his best mate. He’s not hanging out with Rocket who I’m guessing will have some kind of tracking devices fitted to the Milano

He Gets Out Himself

This is Iron Man, the guys a millionaire genius so it would be no surprise if he just happens to fix the Iron Man suit and fly off back home to his wife, the credits roll and we all go back to our normal life.

If you have any idea on how to get Tony Stark out of there let me know. Actually, let him know, I think he’d be glad to hear it.

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