Do We Need A Doctor Who Special?

As we know this year there will be no Doctor Who Christmas special for the first time since the show returned in 2005. It’s a bloody shambles, a shambles I say!

This year, the festive episode will be broadcast on New Year’s day in the UK and will feature the return of The Doctor, obviously, Ryan, Yaz and Graham. The name of the episode is currently unknown and so if the running time but I would think it would be around 45 minutes to an hour in length. The length of an average episode and one half of a football kicking game.

The episode will be written by everyone’s favoured person Chris Chibby Chibnall’s and rumoured to be directed by Wayne Yip who also directed a few episodes of Marvels Cloak and Dagger.

The plot of the episode is pretty much unknown apart from that the Doctor will sport this lovely scarf which is an obvious throwback to that one time Tom Cruise wore a scarf in the cold winter. Nah it’s a throwback to the 4th incarnation of The Doctor, Tom Baker. Other nods to this Doctor have included many things such as the 6th Doctor offering out Jelly Babies, the 7th Doctor offering out Jelly Babies, the 8th Doctor offering out Jelly Babies, 11th Doctor offering out Jelly Babies, the 12th Doctor offering out Jelly Babies.

From this, I think it’s clear to say that Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant hate Jelly Babies. It’s been rumoured that the reason Eccleston left the role was not that he hated being Doctor Who but was because he had a strong disliking to Jelly Babies and the production crew were too scared to offer Tennant any during production.

The last new year’s special we got of the show was The End Of Time Part 2 which saw Jelly Baby hating lord, David Tennant regenerates into Matt Smith, a man who is anything, loved jelly babies just a little too much. In my opinion, excluding the 50th-anniversary special which saw David Tennant and Matt Smith together fighting over Jelly Babies was one of the last great specials of the show. Others have come close including The last two regeneration episodes but most other specials just seem to come and go. A personal favored of mine is Voyage of the Dammed and The Snowman. Let me know in the comments below if you agree with me and what are your favored Doctor Who specials.

Tim Saxby

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