The MCU Fantastic Four Cast Confirmed?

With Spiderman on his way out of the MCU and possibly going to be explained more in Doctor Strange 2, it’s no surprise that Marvel will push the X-Men and Fantastic Four to fill in the Spidey hole left in the MCU. So lets run down a list of the idea casting for The Fantastic Four in the MCU!

Roshon Fegan as The Human Torch.

Roshon Fegan is a young American actor best known for his roles in a number of mid 2000s Disney movies such as Camp Rock and Shake It Up. He doesn’t have any upcoming movies in production but has had a steady stream of hits including Spider man 2.

Nick Offerman as The Thing

Nick Offerman, best known for his role as king of memes Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation as shown that he has the comedic chops to play a character such as the thing and would work well against his CGI brother in the MCU, The Hulk.

Elizabeth Banks as Sue Storm

That’s right, Elizabeth Banks, Spider-Man’s very own Elizabeth Banks. She might be slightly older than the rest of the cast but if we want her to get together with Mr. Fantastic then this might just work. She been in the acting game for a while and would be a good motherly character for a young Human Torch.

John Krasinski as Mr. Fantastic

Because why the hell not. He’s the best guy for the job and who ever is running Marvel Comics at the moment also thinks it’s a fantastic idea. Watching him in The Office you wouldn’t think he would be the guy for the job but seeing him in A Quiet Place and the Amazon show Jack Ryan he has proven he’s more than capable for the job.

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