Pennywise NETFLIX Series In The Works?

The horror movie genera is back and thanks to IT (2017) and IT: Chapter Two (2019) smashing it at the box office and paving the way for a new style of horror film making. It will come as no surprise to anyone that a third film for the IT franchise is currently in the works. But rumours are also floating around that a straight to streaming TV show based around the films is also in the works.

Well it would be if I hadn’t had just made all of that up. But sounds like a good idea, right? Okay so let me pitch you this. We have a huge 27-year gap between the two current films meaning that their has to be plenty of stories to tell about the town of Derry and what Pennywise got up to in those 27 years.

My thought would be each episode we see another set of kids, adults or just a solo character being the subject to Pennywises evil plans as he lives under the feet of the residents of Derry. He surly can’t have gone unnoticed, I mean a group of kids went missing for a good few days, there must be some rumours. And where else to have rumours than in a small town where hardly anybody leaves, unless they really, really have to.

One reason this would be a good idea for the franchise is because Pennywise want treated as respectfully as he should have been in Chapter Two. It’s clear the writers didn’t really know what to do with him so just made him do all the same stuff he pulled in the first movie. Who doesn’t want to see more of Bill Skarsgard terrorising kids and killing innocent people on a weekly bases for 45 minutes straight for only $7.99 a month, right?

This is just an idea but it would not come as a shock at all if this is in the pipelines for the near future. Let me know your thought on the idea of an IT Spin off in the comments and check out my review for IT Chapter 2.

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