Three Ideas For IT: Chapter 3

With IT Chapter: 2 dominating the worldwide box office a third film and TV series are almost serenely confirmed. I have already touched on the idea of a Pennywise TV series which you can find on this site but how about a third film. Here are three ideas for IT: Chapter 3

Pennywise Prequel 

IT Chapter: 2 slightly touched on a made-up background of Pennywise behind the ex-owner of a travelling circus that made it’s way across America in the early 1920s / 1930s. This might be something interesting to see as it would allow us to see more level of actor Bill Skarsgård who at the moment we have only seen as the killer clown, Pennywise. Seeing how he becomes the evil killer clown would be something that would sit well alongside the first two movies.

Screenshot from IT: Chapter 2 showing Pennywise and his daughter

IT 2042

This is probably the worst idea they could do but also might be the most refreshing for the horror franchise. Setting the third film, another 27 years in the future would allow for some interesting elements to be added to the story. It would be strange to set it around the original losers club who by now would be in there 70s and watching a bunch old people beat up a clown would be more funny than scary.

Amazing fan art of Pennywise (2017) dressed in the classic Pennywise outfit

IT: Chapter 3 – Five Years Later

The adult cast of actors has been pretty well reserved by fans so it would be a delight to see them return for a third film shortly. Breaking the 27-year formula would not be the biggest issue with the storytelling as long as it’s correctly explained, unlike it has been in the most recent run of films.

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