IT: Chapter 2 WILL Disappoint Everyone thanks to Bill Hader

In 2017 I sat down in a cinema to watch my first ever horror film. Well, I say first but like all 2000s kids the first horror film I watched was Monster House. I sat down to watch the rebooted version of Stephen King’s IT. The pop culture classic set around a killer clown living in a small American village in the late 80s. I wasn’t impressed. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that movie is bad but I did find it slightly predictable and sometimes even funny.

So lets get back to today. September the 11th 2019. I’m sat down in the same cinema, around the same time of day. I have a bottle of water with me and a bag of sweets, I’m with the same people as last time and my expectations are very, very low. The only thing I’m looking forward to is being scared. I mean it’s a horror film, I should be scared, right?

Well I wasn’t. I didn’t even flinch. That’s right, a film with a running time of three hours long isn’t even scary. It follows all the same tropes as the first film and brings nothing new to the series. The highlight of the first film was Bill Skarsgård as the crazed clown killer but we hardly get to see him in the new film. Most of the film is set around the grown-up kids remembering their childhood and coming to terms with what they have to do. Yeah sure, the first hour, forty minuets sort that out.

Another issue I had with the fact that it doesn’t really flow very well. It might do at a glance but when you look at it, it’s just a lot of “hey that’s a good idea, lets film that” moments in the movie. It seems that the success of the first film when to the studios head and they just did what every they thought would work then stich it into some sort of order in the edit.

It’s not all bad though, the adult actors are brilliant. They work well together as a team and you can see that they are still the same characters that we liked in the first movie. There are some flashbacks to the first film that show the same actors, with the help of some de-ageing, filling in the gaps that might have gone unanswered during the first instalment. One issue I had with the adult cast was Bill Hader. Every line he says is designed to be quoted and printed onto a t-shirt. He’s the comic relief but sometimes its too much and most of the time it’s unnatural. Think about it, you are fighting a half clown, half spider monster that’s just killed your childhood crush and you give some quick line about the fact you are fighting a half clown, half spider thing and nobody in the screening laughs. That just kills the mood.

IT: Chapter Two is a disappointing conclusion to the franchise and I don’t think I shall be revisiting it anytime soon. If I where I think I would find that the three-hour run time is even more unbearable that it was today.

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