Shazam: The Best DC Film EVER? (yes it is)

To say that the DCEU, or The Worlds of DC as it’s formally know, has been anything but a successful franchise would be like saying John Travolta has very convincing hair. But what is fair to say is that its most recent films. Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Shazam have been following a successful format.

Shazam is the most recent attempt at Warner Brothers trying to right what was a failing franchises after a poor start with Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad. I’m pleased to say that Shazam has righted the franchise and the superhero genre.

With the media market overflowing with Superhero material it is only a matter of time before it goes the way of the western. But thanks to Shazam, we can relax and enjoy more caped crusade adventures.

Shazam follows the story of a young boy, Billy Batson, who find himself with superhero powers much like Superman which transform him into a full grown man. In his new foster home he makes friends with comic book nerd and bullied school child, Freddy Freeman, who teaches him what it means to be a superhero and how to use his powers for good.

The films villain played by Mark Strong, Dr. Sivana, is not only well acted but also a new and fresh take on what a super villain should be. He had a plan, a team and a scary voice. One thing the the recent DC movies do have over the MCU is there huge back catalogue of well known and loved super villains.

Shazam in my opinion is at the top of the list of DCEU films, following on from Wonder Woman. The list currently looks something like this;


2. Wonder Woman

3. Aquaman

4. Man of Steel

5. Batman v Superman

6. Suicide Squad

7. Justice League

The next instalments into this universe will the in the form of Birds of Prey (2020). But between that we have the Joker stand-alone movie not set in the DCEU.

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