Defending Mary Poppins: Returns

The original Mary Poppins film is now a classic and with it being fifty plus years old the songs and lines from the film are likely to be known by all. So now I’m going to defend the new incarnation of the film, Mary Poppins Returns. Can you imagine that?

Let’s set the picture for you. It’s the day after Boxing Day and a 20-year-old man goes to see the newest Disney film by himself in a small black room filled with kids and old people. The lights go dim and the movie, after a trailer for another unfunny Daddy’s Homestyle film has finished, starts.

A dark sky and the same kite from the first film fly in the sky with the youngest Bank’s child, Georgie, being lifted into the air by the extremely strong winds. Lucky the new Bert, Jack, Jumps in and save the boy by pulling the kite to the ground only to find that Mary Poppins has attached herself to the end. She’s so clever you know.
Boom, she’s back and I’m loving it. All I need now is a little bit of Step in Time and I’m all in for this movie.

The songs in this film have been criticised from people saying that they are not as iconic and easy to forget compared to that of A Spoon Full Of Sugar and Let’s Go Fly A Kite, but of course there not. As mentioned earlier the first film is fifty years old, older than that. It’s in our blood. You don’t have to have seen that film to know those songs.

So think about it, in 2068 when your children and grandchildren are singing there childhood songs such as;

Can You Imagine That?, The Royal Doulton Music Hall or Trip A Little Light Fantastic you probably won’t be saying the same. But if you are, get a grip you old hag.

Tim Saxby

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